Why Regular Study is Important

If you were to conduct a survey at your school or campus, you would likely find that the students who get the best marks are also the ones who study regularly. Reserving some time to study and review your notes on most nights of the week can benefit you in the following ways:

Regular study sessions allow you to study for shorter periods of time: Studies have consistently shown that shorter study sessions are more effective than longer ones since people tend to retain what they learn at the beginning and end of a session and forget what they learned in the middle. When you only study occasionally, study sessions have to be longer to learn all of the material that was covered in class during that period. More frequent study sessions allow you to break down class material into manageable “chunks” and learn it in shorter periods of time.

Regular study sessions allow you to identify problems in a timely manner: If you aren’t regularly reviewing your notes, you may not realize that you are having problems with specific concepts until it is too late (i.e. the night before a midterm or final exam). Regular study sessions are a good way to assess how well you understand the class material and if you need to seek out extra help.

Regular study sessions allow for more effective learning: When you study regularly, you will have the opportunity to review your class material more than once. This repetition will help you develop a better understanding of the material, and will make it easier for you to recall the information on test day.

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