Using Notes as Study Tools

When it comes to review and test preparation, class notes are one of the most important study tools that you can have. Not all students, however, know how to use their notes effectively. Here are just a couple of quick tips:

  • By the time a test arrives, you should know your notes inside and out:If you are an expert at taking notes, they will contain only the most essential points covered during lectures. Therefore, it’s important to be familiar with everything in your notes. In other words, you should be familiar with every last detail in your binder by the time you walk into the exam room. For this reason, most students will devote a good portion, often the majority, of their study time to thoroughly reviewing and learning their notes.
  • Information in class notes must be supplemented from other sources:Because class notes are an overview of the material covered in class, it’s important to supplement the information contained in your notes with textbooks, handouts, and perhaps your own research. You should be able to expand on the condensed points in your notes enough to answer short answer questions or essay questions on any topic that may appear on a test.

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