Use Colors

If you always write all of your notes in blue or black ink, you may want to consider putting some colored pens in your backpack when you head to class. Adding some color to your notes can make it easier for you to organize them and, according to some educators, can also help you remember more information. Here are a few ways to use color when preparing class notes:

  • Use different colors for different topics: If the instructor covers a number of different topics during a class, use a different color for each one. If the instructor is discussing a novel, for instance, use one color for the notes on symbolism, another for the information about theme, and a different color for the notes focusing on the work’s plot. This will clearly separate the information into categories and will make finding notes about a specific topic easier.
  • Use assorted colors for different types of information: You can develop your own color coding system in which you use specific colors for different types of information. Various colors could be used for formulas, headings, references to other sources, minor details, or anything else that you typically include in your class notes.
  • Use different colors to denote the importance of information: To highlight important information, use one color to take most of your notes and a different one to write down key concepts, formulas, and other vital information. This will allow you to quickly identify the essential information on the page when it’s time to study.

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