The In-Class Test Review

In many cases, your teacher or professor will take some time to go over the test after he or she has graded it and returned it. The in-class test review is a valuable opportunity to both correct and learn from your mistakes. Here are some tips to help you take full advantage of this valuable class time.

    • Write down model answers: For essays and short answer questions, the teacher might provide model answers. These responses represent exactly what the teacher was looking for, and they contain the information needed to obtain a perfect mark. If these example answers are provided, copy them down word for word for future reference, even if you scored well on a particular question.
  • Correct mistakes: A returned test can be a valuable study tool when you are preparing for final exams, so be sure to correct all of the mistakes that you made while the teacher is reviewing the test answers.
  • Listen for hints: There’s a strong possibility that you may see a particular question again on a future test or exam. Listen for any hints from the teacher that you might see a question or topic again. “This would be an excellent question for a final exam,” “I really like this question,” or, “You might see this one again” are all obvious hints that you can easily miss if you aren’t listening for them. As soon as you hear the instructor say something like this, circle the question, draw an arrow to it, or mark it in some other way to let yourself know that it’s important.
  • Take note of any advice: While your teacher is going over the test, he or she might make remarks about common mistakes or offer advice about organization, neatness, solving strategies, or other test-related issues. Remember, the person at the front of the classroom is the one in charge of marking your tests and assigning your grades, so it would be a wise strategy to write down all of his or her advice and make an effort to follow it in the future.


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