Start with a Question that you are Comfortable With

Some students simply answer all of the questions found on a test in order, but a better approach is to answer a question that you are comfortable with first. After you read over the entire test, respond to a question that you are 100% sure you know the answer to. This is a good test-taking strategy for a couple of reasons.

    • It will relax you: Often, people who experience pre-test anxiety find that it quickly melts away once they have actually started answering the test questions. Answering a question that you know the answer to is an easy way to put yourself at ease and reduce those feelings of tension and worry.
  • It will help you feel more confident: Maintaining a positive attitude while taking a test is just one strategy that can help you do well. Writing the answer to a question that you know is correct will provide you with a quick confidence boost that will hopefully last throughout the test.
  • It will earn you points: It may seem obvious, but answering a question that you find easy is a simple way to score some quick points and boost your overall grade. It’s also a much more productive way to begin an exam than struggling to come up with a response to a question that you don’t feel as confident about.


After completing that first question, you might start working on the remaining questions based on their values, answering questions worth more points first. Or, you may decide to continue answering questions that you know or simply work on the questions in order. Whichever approach you take, try to begin with a question that you are comfortable with to start the test on a positive note.
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