Read the Entire Test

Before you begin answering those true or false and short answer questions, take a few minutes to read over the entire test. A quick five-minute skim of a test or exam can help you:

    • Budget your time: As you look through the test, take note of the number of questions it contains and the point value of questions. Then, develop a plan. Figure out roughly how much time you have to spend on each question or section, making sure to devote more time to questions with higher point values.
  • Write down a few key points: An initial read through is a perfect opportunity to write down some key points for short answer and essay questions. Keep them very brief. A list of three or four keywords should be enough to help you organize your answers when you come back to complete these questions.
  • Choose an easy question to start with: When you find a question that you know you can answer, mark it in some way. This will help you to identify the questions that you should answer first and will help you to relieve some of your feelings of anxiety.
  • Boost your confidence: As long as you prepared thoroughly for the test, a quick read through should help you relieve your pre-test jitters and increase your confidence in your ability to do well. Hopefully, you’ll find that you know the answers to most of the questions on the exam, which will allow you to feel more positive about the test.


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