Look at the Values of Questions

Almost every instructor will indicate how many points each question on a test or exam is worth. As you are reading through the entire test, pay close attention to the value of each question. This will help you use your time wisely during the test.

Obviously, you should plan to devote more time to the questions that have a higher point value than the questions that are worth fewer points. This is especially true for short answer and essay questions because the value of a short answer or essay question can help you decide how long each of your answers should be. In other words, the response to a short answer question worth 10 points, for instance, should contain substantially more detail than one that is only worth 5 points.

Examining the value of each question can also help you decide on the order in which you should answer the questions on the exam. This is because, although completing a question that you are sure of first is a good way to boost your confidence, you should always focus on the questions that are worth the most. This will ensure that you will be able to answer the questions that are worth a substantial portion of your final test grade and leave the questions with the lower point values unanswered if there isn’t enough time to answer every question on the exam.

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