Finding the Best Seat in Class

The location that you choose to sit in class can have an impact on the quality of your notes and what you will actually get out of a lecture. The following tips will help you select the best place to sit.

    • Avoid sitting in the back of the class: Although there are exceptions, students who choose to sit at the back of the class are generally those who don’t plan to pay close attention to the lecture. This is where groups of friends often sit so they can chat or pass notes during class, which can be very distracting. It may also be more difficult to hear or see the professor if the classroom is very large. For these reasons, it’s preferable to choose a seat closer to the front.
  • Avoid seats next to windows and doorways: If you don’t find a lecture particularly interesting, sitting next to a window or doorway is likely to be very distracting. You may end up daydreaming or paying more attention to what is going on outside the classroom than what the professor is saying. Choose a seat where you won’t have any visual distractions so you can pay attention to the lecture.
  • Sit away from friends: Class time is not the time to socialize. Be honest with yourself about whether you will be able to resist chatting if you sit close to your friends. If you can’t resist chatting, take a seat away from your pals.
  • Ensure that you can see the professor: Sit in a seat that will offer you a clear view of the professor. This will help you concentrate on what he or she is saying so you can stay focused and take better notes.
  • Ensure that you can hear the professor: It’s simple: to take high quality notes, you have to be able to hear what the professor is saying. Choosing a seat closer to the front is an excellent strategy to ensure that you will be able to clearly see and hear the instructor.


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