Fill in Essential Data before you Begin

Many teachers and professors teach multiple subjects in numerous course sections, which means that some teachers might have hundreds of tests and exams in their possession at a single time. In order to keep the tests organized and ensure that each exam is returned to the correct student, most teachers will request some identifying information. As a result, you should always fill in the information that is requested before you begin reading the test questions. Some of the things that you might be asked to provide include:

    • Your name: Whatever you do, don’t make the serious mistake of forgetting to write your name on the test paper. To be safe, write your name on every sheet of paper you will be submitting in case your test booklet or answer sheets happen to get separated.
    • Your student number: In larger universities, many professors use student numbers to identify students and record their grades. Look to see whether the professor has requested a student number, and write this on every page as well.
  • The date: The date isn’t as important as your name or student number, but be sure to fill it in if you are asked to do so.
  • The course name: Instructors that teach several courses may ask you to indicate the name of the course that you are enrolled in on your test paper to make it easier for them to keep everything straight.
  • The course section: Teachers and professors alike will often have several sections of the same course. They might ask you to record your course section so that they can keep batches of tests separate and return them to the correct group of students.


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