Ensure that your Test was Graded Correctly

Teachers and professors correct hundreds of tests, exams, and assignments during the course of a year, so it’s only natural that they occasionally make mistakes. Finding grading errors that work in your favor is always a great feeling, and it’s always a great idea to ensure that your test was graded correctly when the teacher hands it back.

Specifically, there are two things that you should check for. The first is that the instructor added the points up correctly. Simply use your calculator to add up the points on your test to see if your final total matches the one on the paper. If the test wasn’t marked out of 100, you should also check to make sure that the percentage is correct. To do this, just divide the top number by the bottom number and multiply by 100. The other major thing that you should check is whether the teacher marked any correct answers as wrong answers. Pay attention during the in-class review, and make a note if you observe any discrepancies. If you feel that you should have gotten more credit for a short answer or essay, you can also make note of this on the test paper.

If you do find some grading mistakes on your test, it’s important to be polite when you approach the teacher or professor. Let them know that you found a few things on your test that you’d like to discuss, and ask the professor when he or she might have time to talk to you. When you go to the meeting, be prepared to clearly state your case. Stay cool and collected, and listen to what the teacher has to say. Some errors are easier to dispute than others. Adding errors or marking a true and false or multiple choice question wrong when it should have been marked right are clear cut issues. Grading essays, oral exams, and short answer questions, however, is a bit more subjective. Ultimately, your teacher has the final say, but looking for errors and using a calm and polite approach when you bring them to his or her attention can help you boost your test score by a few points or more.
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