Consider Class Notes a Rough Draft

Most students who have fantastic notes have one thing in common: they view the notes that they take during class as a rough draft that must be perfected. When you’re struggling to capture all of the instructor’s lecture points on paper, your writing probably won’t be the neatest, and you won’t have time to write down every little detail. That’s why you should consider the notes that you take during class a “first draft.”

When the class lecture is still fresh in your mind, take the time to transform your notes into a resource that will make preparing for tests a breeze. Organize your notes using headings and subheadings, and add details or references to other sources of information such as text books, printouts, or assignments. If your handwriting is extremely messy, you may also want to consider typing your notes to make sure that they’re legible and easy to follow.

Taking the time to revise and rewrite your notes has several benefits aside from making reviewing for tests easier. It will give you a chance to review your material, which is essential if you hope to recall it later. It will also allow you to identify the concepts that you find confusing so you can address any concepts that pose a problem promptly through independent study or extra help.

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