Compare Notes with a Friend

If having an excellent set of notes is a top priority for you, it’s crucial to attend all of your classes and pay close attention to all of the lectures. An effective way to make your notes even better is to compare them with those of a friend after class. Observe the following tips to ensure that you get the most out of this strategy:

    • Choose a friend who is also a conscientious student: It may seem obvious, but if you plan to compare your notes with a friend, it is important to make sure that your friend is someone that actually cares about doing well in school. This is important because you want to be able to consult a set of notes that represents another student’s best efforts to write down all of the professor’s important points.
  • Look for details that you may have missed during class: One thing to look for while you are comparing notes is material that you missed during class. If there is information in a friend’s notes that you didn’t include in your own, you may decide to add it. This can help you develop notes that are more detailed and complete.
  • Consider what is missing from your friends’ notes: As you’re comparing notes, look for information that is in your notes but not in your friend’s. It may simply mean that your fellow classmate missed the information, but they may have also decided to leave it out because they felt it wasn’t important.
  • Discuss your reasons for including or excluding certain information: If you do decide to compare notes with a friend, it’s a good idea to have him or her there while you are doing so. When you are looking over each other’s notes, discuss your reasons for including some points and not others. This can help strengthen your ability to distinguish between essential and non-essential information in the future.


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