It’s every student’s worst nightmare: they get into the exam room and discover that they’ve forgotten absolutely everything. As they read through the questions, they realize that they cannot answer a single one. This dreaded phenomenon is known as blanking, and it’s something that many students worry about.

The truth is, however, that blanking or forgetting everything the minute that you begin looking over a test isn’t that common. If you’ve ever had a test and found that you couldn’t answer the majority of the questions, it’s important to be honest with yourself about how well you prepared. If you just read the information over quickly the night before the test, it’s not at all surprising that you couldn’t recall very much of it on the day of the test. As a result, many students often say “I blanked” instead of the more accurate “I wasn’t prepared.”

Another common cause of blanking is test anxiety, but it’s often only temporary. Usually, this problem can be solved by taking a few deep breaths and answering a few easy questions to boost your confidence. Most students will find that the information will come back to them. If your test anxiety is severe, however, and you couldn’t remember the test material despite regular study, you may need some help. Make an appointment with a counselor at your school to see if they have any suggestions on how you can deal with this problem.
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