Ask for Help if you are Unsure about Something

Although your instructor will probably try to make test instructions and questions as clear as possible, there may still be some portions that are confusing. If you aren’t sure exactly what a question is asking, don’t just make a guess and hope you are right. Instead, ask the instructor for clarification. Most instructors have rules in place for how you should request assistance. If you are in your regular classroom, you may simply be permitted to approach the teacher’s desk. In larger spaces like auditoriums, though, you may have to raise your hand and wait for assistance.

Remember, most professors and teachers will only be willing to explain questions and instructions. They won’t be able to spell out the points that you should put in your essay or indicate whether the response that you provided to a particular question is correct. As a result, it’s best not to put your instructors in an awkward situation by asking such questions. However, during an explanation, the instructor might give you clues that can help you when you’re formulating your answer. Listen closely to the explanation in case the instructor mentions topics that were covered in class, lecture dates, formulas, examples, or anything else that may help you construct a strong response.
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