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If you’re a student, improving your test taking performance is probably one of your major goals. In fact, you may have already realized that you have trouble taking good notes, that essay questions on tests give you trouble, or that you just want to develop better study habits in order to be better prepared for your tests and exams. Unfortunately, developing excellent study skills and improving test grades will require some effort regardless of the skills that you want to improve. However, improving your academic performance is not rocket science and, with a little effort and know-how, almost anyone can become a better student over time.

This test taking site contains practical tips that can help you improve your grades in almost any subject. As you read through the articles, you’ll find valuable information about a variety of topics. After reading the advice on this site, you should be able to improve your study habits in the following ways:

  • You’ll be able to take better class notes, which are invaluable study tools.
  • You’ll develop a consistent and regular study schedule that works for you. By reviewing class material regularly, you won’t get into the habit of cramming or pulling all-nighters, which are both ineffective test prep methods.
  • You’ll learn the best ways to study, including how to use practice questions and how to focus on key points to make better use of your time.
  • You’ll find out more about the different types of tests and questions you may encounter. Included are tips to help you organize your responses and identify correct answers.
  • You’ll discover how you can calm those pre-test jitters that can have a negative effect on test performance.
  • You’ll learn about numerous test-taking strategies that will help you make better use of your time in the exam room.
  • You’ll find out what to do after a test to improve your performance in the future.

Obviously, there is a lot of information on this site, but try not to get overwhelmed. There is no need to try to read everything at once or to review sections that you don’t feel apply to your specific situation or difficulties. Start with the area that you feel you could improve upon the most – whether it’s note taking or studying – and concentrate on that first. Then move on to other topics. Over time, you should begin to feel more confident in your own abilities, and you’ll hopefully be able to get the types of grades that you’ve always wanted.

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